Friday, August 5

Happy 18th Birthday Lil'Brother !

I wanna wish my beloved Little brother a HAPPY BIRTHDAY  :119:
Its your 17th birthday :119: You've waited so long for this day  ,
today is the day you always wish for. biggrin
To be an adult now , no longer child anymore.

I may not always tell you but I hope you know how special you are to me :face26:
how much I appreciate the friendship between us
And today, I hope you know all the good things I wish for you,
and all the love that's in my heart for my one and only very special brother. :h:

No matter what happen , you are still my brother and also the one and only I have. 
Wish you all the best in everything. Its time to move on your life with working life & being responsible for everything that you do. Always think twice before you do anything.
Remember family is always here for you !

#terjadik pape just call or mssg sys okeyy sayang :24:

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